Water pumped uphill via sunlight.

Industry leading, superb engineering. 

Saving time, money and energy. 

Portable, easy to install, and long lasting. 

It’s the React pump.

Brushless motor
Best in class
No hassle
Serious power
Saves you time
Saves you money
Best in class

Water is the lifeblood of farming. With the most water pumped per dollar spent of any product on the market. The React pump is the solution to your water management needs.  At 64% peak pumping efficiency, it is the world’s most efficient solar pump in its class.

The beating heart of the react pump is its exceptional triple plunger pump. With three plungers offset at 120 degrees water can be pumped at a smooth flow up to a 300m head. No pulsation dampener, no shocks on the system, just smooth, powerful, pumping.

Serious Power

Why is the React pump such good value for money? We fuse well established, industry-leading components together with custom built software and years of technical tinkering to make a unique, affordable product.

Saves you money

Petrol pumps need refuelling, this costs you time and money. The React pump lets the sun do the hard work. The React pump’s digital brain responds dynamically to sunlight and stops when your tanks are full or water supply is low.

Saves you time
Brushless motor

The React pump achieves its industry leading efficiency by coupling directly to a powerful brushless DC motor. No gear box equals less maintenance and less weight. At less than 20kg it is easy to carry on site or float on a pontoon.

The React pump is designed with the farmer in mind. By designing our system to operate at Extra Low Voltage (under 120 volts), the solar panels can be installed by anyone. Plus, the taking of surface water for domestic and stock supplies is permitted almost everywhere.

No Hassle

Making the pump durable is at the core to our philosophy. That’s why we use a triple plunger pump which runs at a fifth of the typical rotational speeds of other pump designs. This massively extends the life of the React pump by reducing the strain on its components.

How Much Can It Pump? 

The advantage of a solar pump is that when it's sunny and your stock are drinking more your pump will be pumping more.

This chart shows averages across the year as well as peak pumping rates on a midsummer's day.

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