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The React Pump is designed to pump clean fresh water with the use of solar power on hill country farms for stock water needs. It features a powerful brushless motor and a high pressure triple plunger pump which can smoothly pump your water up to a head of 300m!

This ingenious little pump can give you years of trouble-free water pumping, avoiding the need for more expensive solutions. Not only does it utilise renewable energy, it is also made from 25% recycled materials, making it the most eco-friendly solar pump available on the global market.


  • Maximum pump suction head: 1.5m (gravity feed is preferred - refer to the user manual) 

  • Maximum pump lift: 160m

  • Maximum speed: 1200 rpm

  • Maximum pump lift: 300m (High Power Model) 

  • Maximum speed: 1000 rpm (High Power Model) 

  • Volume of water pumped is dependent on many factors. The chart above gives an indication of how much water the React Pump can pump throughout the year


The React Pump 2 is based on three and a half years of experience in selling the earlier React Pump 1 design in the New Zealand market. The React Pump 2 is a significantly improved product and the main improvements are:

  • Side water connections (easy to access) with quick connect stainless steel fittings.

  • Active sensor & software protection to detect the following and take action to protect the pump from damage:

    • A run dry event

    • Motor stalling

    • Freezing (detect & communicate but not protect)

  • LED communication of current pump status or any errors experienced by the pump since it was last checked.

  • Electronics are now fully enclosed in a strong aluminium enclosure that also doubles as the pump base. The base plate is also much stronger being made from 4mm grade 5 aluminium.

  • Packed head - We have packed the pump head away from the pump body so that the pump can keep running with a small water side seal leak without the risk of water ingress across to the oil side.

  • Stronger injection molded fairing that is easier to remove and allows easy access to the ignition switch and sight of the oil level and communication LED's.

  • Spare parts kit for the first 2 services – up to 3 years operation assuming clean water and correct installation.


The React Pump can run on either 2 or 4 solar PV panels depending on your water pumping requirements. This pump does not come with solar PV panels but it does come with a solar PV switch and all of the connectors you will need along with comprehensive instructions on choosing and connecting the solar panels. The pump will run off the most common sized PV panels in the 250-400W range and the panels need to have a Vmpp of >30V and a Voc of <45V at the minimum temperature the panel will experience. Please refer to the User Manual or your dealer to assess your solar PV needs.


The React Pump comes with:

  • React Pump 2

  • Fairing & baseplate 

  • Foot valve & filter bags

  • 3m x 25mm clear suction line

  • Float Switch

  • Non-return valve

  • PTFE Tape

  • Stainless steel fixing kit with driver

  • 2 service spare parts kit which includes:

    • 2 sets of wet side seals

    • 2 sets of small oil seals

    • A large oil seal

    • A pressure sensor

    • A set of valves

    • Oil seal drilling jigs, a 2.5mm drill bit and extraction screws

    • Anti-seize grease

    • Rubber grease

  • 1 year warranty which is extended to 2 years on product registration

  • If you purchase from one of our dealers above they will supply the PV MC4 connectors and DC isolator switch. If you purchase directly from us we will supply:

    • 32A Solar PV Switch 

    • 7 pairs of MC4 connectors and a MC4 2-to-1 connector set

Please consider the following before choosing the React Pump:

  • If you plan to use (or store) this pump in conditions below freezing, then extra protection in needed to protect the pump from damage due to freezing temperatures.

  • Dirty pond water is acceptable within reason if it is sufficiently filtered. Water quality will reduce the seal life and may require more frequent service intervals.  River water that includes pumice or other sharp abrasive material must be adequately filtered. Seawater is not permitted.

  • Ensure the pump is shaded if exposed to high summer temperatures with a suitable roof. This roof must also be designed to protect the exposed cable connectors and LED’s lights from wind driven rain and excessive UV exposure. Failure to provide a suitable cover will reduce the life of the pump.

  • The pump, solar PV array and power cable must be adequately protected from large animal damage.

  • A successful installation requires reading the user manual and having some basic skills. We have provided a comprehensive user manual to enable those who wish to install their pump themselves. We advise engaging an experienced/qualified installer who has good mechanical, electrical, plumbing, reading and comprehension skills if you do not possess these skills yourself.


Currently the React pump is only available for purchase in New Zealand. We hope to start export sales soon. If you want to keep up to date with React pump news please follow us on Facebook and sign up to our mailing list.

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